#FundOurSchools Campaign

Dear Bates Families, The Bates is one of 3 or 4 schools that will be losing City Connects next year.  Other larger schools are losing their partnership funding for it but have a large enough budget to absorb the cost. Looking at last year’s budget, BPS funded a total of $874,493 for all City Connects partnerships.  ForContinue reading “#FundOurSchools Campaign”

Note about school operations

02/16/17 Dear Families, Incidents like the one that occurred on the 14th in Parkland, Florida, remind us of the need for vigilance regarding the safety of our students and educators. I send this message to let families know that the Bates School has routines and protocols in place to promote and ensure the safety ofContinue reading “Note about school operations”

February 15 – Weekly Newsletter

Dear Families,                                        Bates School ‘Behavior Change Basics’ for Families You are invited to join us for an informational session on Thursday, March 1st 5:30-7:00,  to learn more about how the Bates School supports our student’s social-emotionalContinue reading “February 15 – Weekly Newsletter”

February 6 – Weekly Newsletter

Dear Families,                                        Support for Filing Taxes: The Codman Square Health Center offers free tax preparation for hard working Dorchester (and Boston) families. Taxpayers who earned less than $54,000 in the previous tax year can have theirContinue reading “February 6 – Weekly Newsletter”