Recent Events in Our Country

Dear Bates School Community, Our nation has been rocked by incidents of violence that are becoming unacceptably too common. Events of the last week, including the shootings in Pittsburgh and Kentucky, and the mailing of pipe bombs to numerous public figures, leave a toll on our community members, both our young students and our adultContinue reading “Recent Events in Our Country”

Weekly Newsletter – October 18

Dear Bates School Families: 10/18/18 This week, many of our staff members are attending the annual Social Thinking Conference! At the Bates, we value social-emotional learning that prepares our students for present and future success.  Inclusion means everyone, and we work diligently to build a school community where every child feels valued for everything he/she/theyContinue reading “Weekly Newsletter – October 18”

Weekly Newsletter – October 9

Dear Bates School Families: Below are some updates: Did you know that many of our teachers published projects on See some of their projects here. We ask that you share these projects with friends and family that wish to donate and support our students and teachers. Come Help Out at Bates’ Election DayContinue reading “Weekly Newsletter – October 9”

Weekly Newsletter – September 26

Dear Bates School Families:                 9/26/18 There are so many amazing things happening at the Bates! Over the last few weeks, our friends have been doing some amazing learning and community building. Students in K0/K1 worked as a whole class to learn about feelings and routines. The whole class sang our “Whole Body Listening” song! UpContinue reading “Weekly Newsletter – September 26”