The Bates is becoming a fully inclusive school. What does inclusion mean at the Bates?

The Bates School is committed to providing inclusive practices to every student.  We strive to serve both children with and without special needs in every classroom.  Currently, our K0 through 2nd grade classrooms are fully inclusive with the the goal of growing our inclusion model to 5th grade by the year 2019-2020. In the meantime, we are adjusting our staffing, practices, and systems to support every student in every grade in the most inclusive setting possible.

At the Bates, however, inclusion means more than serving students with special needs. We strive to build a community that celebrates all facets of our students’ identifies and find meaningful way to weave their experiences and cultures into our learning everyday. Inclusion means everyone and we work diligently to build a school community where every child feels values for everything he/she/they bring to their classroom.


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