Bates Family Council

Family Council
Co-Chairs: Alanah Haynes & Nora Vincent
Secretary: Linda Lea Wells & Karen Frucci
Treasurer: Travis Marshall & Chantel Daley-Grant

School Site Council
Chantel Daley Grant, Toyin Yayo, Brandon Leyro, Alanah Haynes, Ramona, Yinka Yayo (alt), Alize (alt)

Citywide Parent Council Rep
Travis Marshall and Andrea Russell (alt)

Our Family Council and School Site Council meet as one body monthly.
View all of our notes from past meetings here on our rolling agenda.
Follow our Bates Family Council Facebook Page for updates and livestream of our meetings!

Contact Principal Morales or the SPC Co-Chairs with Questions:
Mr. Morales – rmorales2@bostonpublicschools.org
Alanah Haynes or Nora Vincent – batesfamilies@gmail.com

2020 Family Council Meeting Dates listed on our calendar and below:
Tuesday 3/24
Monday 4/6
Thursday 5/7
Tuesday 6/9

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