Weekly Family Newsletter – May 7, 2017

For the Week of May 7th through May 12th, 2017. 

Spring Book Fair

May 9th (9am-3:30pm), 10th (9am-7pm), and 11th (9am-3pm)

The Bates SPC is organizing and staffing our Spring Book Fair that will take place in a few weeks. We are looking for volunteers to help students choose and purchase books during the school day and during our special evening hours.  Our semi-annual book fair promotes a love of reading and provides financial support to our school. Please consider donating your time to support this special school event. You can sign up here.

Fidget Spinners – BANNED

Recently, fidget spinners (pictured below) have become a popular trend with students. As an inclusion school, we recognize the needs of some students to occupy their hands as a strategy to keep their attention on learning. Unfortunately, this particular tools has caused distractions and, in some cases, conflicts between students. As a result, we are no longer permitting students to bring fidget spinners to school. Should a teacher see a student with a fidget spinner, he/she will confiscate it and return it to the student at the end of the day. If the student brings it a second time, a parent/guardian will have to come to school to pick it up. Please contact the school with questions. 

Please do not allow your child to bring fidget spinners to school. They will be confiscated.

Parent Climate Survey

It is that time again for our School Climate Survey for Parents. We have been using these results to reflect on and examine our own practice and to determine how to better support you. In addition, the district is using these results to measure the quality of schools for prospective parents so it is really important to have a strong response rate.

We had a GREAT response rate last year, 45% of our parents returned the survey. This year we are hoping increase that number to 65%.

This year, the survey is ONLY online. We ask that you please complete the survey and send the slip at the bottom of this letter to school withy our child. We will also have a room at Fox Fest on Saturday where you can complete the survey.


To help you and the students remember, we would like to offer a popsicle and play period for the class with the HIGHEST number of returns.

If you completed the survey on-line, can you please send in the form below so we can count your response. You DO NOT need to do both, please ONLY complete one, the paper copy OR the on-line survey. Please complete by Friday MAY 12th.

Field Day

Please mark your calendars for two important end-of-year events! Our annual Field Day will be on Friday, June 23rd. We will reach out soon to ask for volunteers.

Upcoming Dates

May 9-11 – Spring Book Fair

May 19 – Talent Show Tryouts

June 2 – Talent Show

June 12 – SPC/SSC Meetingsotm_bates_100


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