Weekly Family Newsletter 6-25-17

Staffing Update

I am pleased to welcome Mary Jane Guthrie as the newest member of the Bates team. Ms. Guthrie will teach 5th grade math and social studies as part of a team with Mr. Clark. Ms. Guthrie joins us from the Mozart school, where she has spent the year teaching 5th grade. Before that, she served as a long-term sub at the Bates , where she was a active and contributing member of our school community. We are thrilled to welcome her back!



We will have early dismissal on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (the last two days of school). Dismissal will be at 1:30. We will still provide breakfast and lunch for all students.


Upcoming Dates


June 26 – 5th Grade Promotion (10am at the Roslindale House)

June 27-28 – Early Dismissal

June 28 – Last Day of School / Report Cards Sent Home

Our website is https://thephineasbates.org/.

Follow us on Twitter at @BatesSchoolBPS

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