Ramadan at the Bates

ramadan sesame street

May 6th, 2019
Dear Bates School Families,
Ramadan started this past Sunday. It is my privilege to share with you what we are doing to support the many Muslim students we have at our school who will be fasting during this month. But first, a quick “What is Ramadan?”:
  • A month each year when many Muslims around the world fast from sunrise to sunset
  • This means: no food, no liquid, no medication, for between 16.25 and 17.5 hours daily, 30 continuous days: Sunday evening, 5/5 through Tuesday evening, 6/4
  • The culmination of this month is the very festive occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, which Muslims celebrate by sharing elaborate meals with family, friends, and their larger communities
To ensure that all students who are fasting can do so in a responsive space, we at the Bates send guidelines to our entire community letting them know what to expect during this month, and how best to support students who are fasting, including providing food-free spaces for students who opt to fast.
At the Bates, we work to build a community that celebrates all facets of our students’ identities and find meaningful ways to weave their experiences and cultures into our learning everyday. We are lucky to be part of a community that views the rights of all children — with all aspects of their identities fully included — as human rights. Thank you for your support in helping us get here. If you have any questions or concerns, I hope that you will reach out to me directly.
With appreciation,
Rodolfo Morales
Here’s a great video with more information and a personal story of a Muslim American fasting for the first time:
Screenshot 2019-05-06 19.30.25

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