Weekly Family Newsletter – June 4, 2017

For the Week of June 4th through June 10th, 2017. 

A tremendous thank you to the parents who supported the talent show last week! Our students did an amazing job and it would not have been possibly without parent volunteers. I would especially like to thank Barb Damon and Lauren Manasse-Latham for the tremendous amount of time and work they put into the show, from auditions, to rehearsals, to the setup. 

Staffing Update

A panel of Bates staff interviewed 6 candidates for our 5th grade position on Friday. We hope to have a hire determined by next week. Thank you to Mr. Morales, Mr. Clark, Mr. Macchi, and Mrs. Moses for serving on the interview panel.

SSC/SPC – June 12th 

Our final SPC/SSC meeting of the year will be on Monday, June 12th. At this meeting, parents will see the final schedule for Extended Learning Time. In addition, we will discuss important planning as we prepare for the fall events. Lastly, as part of the School on the Move Prize, the Rennie Center will join the meeting to interview parents about their experience at the Bates. 

Fidget Spinners – BANNED

Recently, fidget spinners have become a popular trend with students. As an inclusion school, we recognize the needs of some students to occupy their hands as a strategy to keep their attention on learning. Unfortunately, this particular tools has caused distractions and, in some cases, conflicts between students. As a result, we are no longer permitting students to bring fidget spinners to school. Should a teacher see a student with a fidget spinner, he/she will confiscate it and return it to the student at the end of the day. If the student brings it a second time, a parent/guardian will have to come to school to pick it up. Please contact the school with questions. 

Field Day

Please mark your calendars for two important end-of-year events! Our annual Field Day will be on Friday, June 23rd. We will reach out soon to ask for volunteers.

Upcoming Dates

June 12 – SPC/SSC Meeting 

June 22 – K2 Promotion Ceremony (10:00am) / K0/K1 Celebration (1:30pm)

June 26 – 5th Grade Promotion (10am at the Roslindale House)

June 27-28 – Early Dismissal

June 28 – Last Day of School


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