Election Day Bake Sale

The Bates School Parent Council (SPC) will be holding a Bake Sale during the elections on Tuesday, November 7th. In the past this has been a big money maker for our school!  We really need your time and donations to make it happen!  The money raised will go towards school activities for your child throughout the year, such as…

  • Field Trips
  • Enrichment programs, and
  • Field Day

We are looking for Bates families who can help with set-up, sales, and clean-up on November 7th.

Baked goods are also in high demand. If you can bake (or purchase) something for us to sell at the bake sale, please make sure baked goods are…

  • Individually wrapped (for easy resale).
  • Labeled (only one label necessary) with the type of baked good and whether it contains nuts.
  • Dropped off after school on November 6th at the Bake Sale collection table on playground.

Thank you for supporting the Bates!

~The Bates SPC


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