October 23 – Weekly Newsletter

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Dear Families,                                                                                                     October 23rd, 2017


The State education department is generating “Parent Reports” with individual student results that BPS will distribute in the coming weeks. You can also visit the DESE website www.doe.mass.edu/mcas/parents and https://www.bostonpublicschools.org/reports here parent guides and other resources are available to learn more about the new MCAS test. BPS will also be sending parents a letter explaining to them the new process this year. A few notes on the MCAS results:

  • Getting a “meets expectations” is harder than what getting “proficient” was on past MCAS. The test is more rigorous as are the leveling criteria.
  • Because it is a new test, the scores will be used as a baseline and will not affect our school’s level status.
  • The MCAS is only one assessment of your child’s progress and learning. Teacher’s in grades 1-5 will be sending out progress reports in November with additional information on your child’s progress.

A message from SPC:

We are looking for Bates families who can help with set-up, sales, and clean-up on November 7th. (link can be found on the school website homepage under “Election Day Bake Sale”) Baked goods are also in high demand. If you can bake (or purchase) something for us to sell at the bake sale, please make sure baked goods are…

  • Individually wrapped (for easy resale).
  • Labeled (only one label necessary) with the type of baked good and whether it contains nuts.
  • Dropped off after school on November 6th at the Bake Sale collection table on the playground.

Online Parent Update Form

Please note that you can use the online contact information update form (www.bostonpublicschools.org/contact) and update phone numbers, opt-outs, and media/AUP release agreements on SIS!

An update on Safety Protocols

There were some concerns last Friday over police activity near the Bates. Last Friday a parked car was sideswiped. Police officers were in front of the street and came to the school to see if the car belonged to a staff member or parent. While there was no imminent danger or emergency, we want to ensure families that the school community did a safety protocols drill in September and will also practice again in December and April.

Crazy Hat Day

Students are invited to create and wear a crazy hat on 10/31! Prizes for best hats will be awarded in each class. Flyer coming soon!

Book Fair

The Bates School will hold a book fair from December 5-7th. More information will be sent in the coming weeks!


Rodolfo Morales, Principal


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