Weekly Newsletter – November 14

Dear Bates School Families:                                                                                                             

At the Bates School, we continue to focus on growing our understanding and use of culturally responsive teaching. We recognize that Thanksgiving season has often been a customary celebration in our country. However, as we dig deeper into the true history of Thanksgiving, we recognize a need to teach openly and honestly about this land’s history, including that of our indigenous Native American brothers and sisters, many of whom consider Thanksgiving to be a Day of Mourning. November is also Native American Heritage Month. To respect and honor Native American culture, we share some resources that can be useful for us as we celebrate Thanksgiving in an inclusive way.

2016-11-24 13.39.40
Statue of Massasoit, leader of the Wampanoag when the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. You can find this statue on Cole’s Hill where Native Americans have gathered every year on the fourth Thursday of November since 1970 to commemorate the National Day of Mourning.

For children of all ages, I hope we will:

  • Investigate the “myths” of Thanksgiving at Plymouth and discuss what we actually know from the perspective of the colonists and the Wampanoag.

  • Emphasize that Native people are still here and are not just part of history. When discussing lifeways of Native people in the past, also talk about ways the colonists lived and how both peoples were different from today.

  • Explain to students that Native groups are all different. Research where you live. Whose territory do you live on today? What are the names of these groups in their own language? Where do they live now? Shift your unit focus to celebrations of gratitude and harvest.

These resources have also been shared among Bates School staff. As lifelong learners, we at the Bates strive and commit to providing inclusive and culturally responsive instruction for all of our students.​​​​​​​

Original Works

Good news families!  The annual Original Works fundraiser is underway.  Your students have worked diligently to create works of art for this fundraiser.  Students in kindergarten through grade 2 created reverse fox paintings. Students in grades 3 through 5 created mixed media fish.  Look in your child’s backpack this Friday to find a yellow envelope. Inside you will find your child’s artwork, a catalog, a letter explaining how it all works, and an order form.  If you would like to participate please return the yellow envelope, your child’s artwork, the order form, and payment by Monday, November 19th. Your gift items will arrive in time for the holidays!  Please email Mrs. Drakes, anordlanddrakes@bostonpublicschools.org if you have any questions. Thank you for supporting your child’s art education!

Recycling Textiles at the Bates

I am excited to announce that the Bates School now houses a Bay State Textiles box for recycling textile, linens, clothes and shoes. Our School Parent Council will receive some funding per lb of recyclable material. See flyer here!

Breaks this Month

Early Dismissal on 11/21, 2:00 PM. No school on 11/22 and 11/23 in observance of Thanksgiving.

Bates Family Culture Night (link to flyer)

We are planning a special event to celebrate our families and would love your input! Use this form (link) to share your ideas for Culture Night.

October 14th – Roslindale Parade

November 6 – Bake Sale

November 26-30th – Kindness Week

November 30th – Culture Night

December 10-14th – Can Drive

December 14th – Movie Night

January 15, 16 17 (15th into evening) – Book Fair

January 30th – Math Family Workshop

March 22 – Movie Night

May 4th – FoxFest

May 6-10 – Teacher Appreciation

May 23rd – Art Show

June 7th – Talent Show

*TBD→ End of Year Celebrations, Field Day, Family Workshops, etc.

School Parent Council Dates:

10/10, 11/15, 12/4, 1/15, 2/13, 3/12, 4/24, 5/15, 6/11


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