Attention Grades 3-5 Families!phineas_badge_640px

MCAS season is upon us! Beginning next week, students will start taking the ELA MCAS. Grades 3 & 5 will take the MCAS April 5-7 and Grade 4 will take the MCAS April 10-12.  All testing will begin at 10:00am and students may not enter the testing rooms if they arrive after that. Late students will have to take the MCAS at a later time separate from their class. You will find the full schedule for ELA testing below. Math testing will take place in May and we will share those dates at a later time. Students who are absent will take the assessment during planned makeup times. 

Please reach out with questions and thank you for making sure students are present and on time during MCAS testing. 

Grades 3 & 5

Session 1: April 5, 2017

Session 2: April  6, 2017

Session 3: April 7 ,2017

Grade 4

Session 1: April 10, 2017

Session 2: April 11, 2017

Session 3: April 12, 2017 

Spring 2017 Grades 3–8 MCAS ELA Tests
Gr. Session 1
recommended testing time
Session 2
recommended testing time
Session 3
recommended testing time
Total recommended testing time
3 60 60 45 165
4 60 60 45 165
5 60 75 45 180



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