Note about school operations

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Dear Families,

Incidents like the one that occurred on the 14th in Parkland, Florida, remind us of the need for vigilance regarding the safety of our students and educators. I send this message to let families know that the Bates School has routines and protocols in place to promote and ensure the safety of your children, as this is our number one priority. We have conducted fire drills and practiced safety mode, and will do so again across the school year.

That being said, there will be some shifts in operations to make sure our building continues to be the safest place it can be. These include making sure all of our doors are locked at all times, using visitor passes, and a late sign out sheet for students who are picked up after our 4:10 dismissal time. Additionally, we have updated our intercom system and will be installing new doors with added security measures, including key cards for all staff members.

If you find your child is asking questions about the incident, I suggest looking over Dr. Chang’s statement, which includes several resources and tips.

I will be sure to inform families of updates to our operations as they are implemented. We thank you for partnering with us and for trusting us with your children. If you have any questions,  please do not hesitate to email me or call the school.

With gratitude and appreciation.

Rodolfo Morales, Principal


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