Parent Newsletter Week 5

Dear Bates School Families     10/04/19

So much learning is happening at the Bates! In K0/K1, students are beginning to  use language from our social-emotional curriculum, Social Thinking and Zones of Regulation. Students are often heard discussing the zones of their emotions and that of characters. During my time in one classroom a K1 student told another students “Hey, mistakes are good because we get to learn from them!” This type of discourse and thinking maximizes learning potential in a way that allows for curiosity, wonder and risk taking to flourish. In K2, students have read the text Abuela and responded to prompts about community. 1st graders have been using ST Math as a blended learning opportunity to problem solve challenging mathematical puzzles. 2nd grade has been learning about their school community through reading and discussing texts about different learners, teachers and schools. In 3rd grade, students are extending the theme of school communities by reading about and discussing schools in different cultures. 4th graders are busy analyzing poetry, exploring vivid words, and determining the central message of different poems as they read the text “Love that Dog”. 5th graders are expanding their understanding of social justice as they read the novel Esperanza Rising and make connections with the themes in that novel to the Declaration of Human Rights and to current news and policies. Additionally, our specialist team has been working hard planning and organizing clubs and leadership jobs for our students in 3-5th! All of this was seen just this week.

Last wednesday, over 30 family members and staff participated in our first School Family Council & School Site Council. We voted for members of each board, shared information around events, discussed homework policies at the Bates. If you’d like to share your thoughts on homework, you are encouraged to so by submitting thoughts through this form. We also hope that you can join us on Wednesday, November 6th, 5:45-7:30 for our next Family Council Session!

Below are some updates:

Roslindale Parade (see flyer) SUNDAY!

1 – Meet on Bexley Road (across from Target) to line up.  Allow time for travel and road closures.  

ARRIVE BETWEEN 12:30 – 1:00.  Parade begins at 1:00!

2 – Come dressed up or pin a book picture (provided!) to your shirt when you get there.  

3 –MARCH IN THE PARADE!!!  Use your scooter, stroller, wagon, or your feet!

Papa Gino’s DEDHAM Fundraiser

On Thursday, October 17, 2019 4pm-9pm, Papa Gino’s in Dedham will give 20% of sales to the Bates School, so long as you have the flyer linked here. We will be sending copies of the flyer home the week of the 17th!

Special Education Advisory Parent Council (See Flyer)

Boston SpedPac Provides voice and support for parents of students with special needs. See flyer for dates, times and more information on meetings.

Family and School Site Council

Our 2nd  family council session is on Wednesday, November 6th, 5:45-7:30. Food and child care are always provided! Translation services provide upon request. 5:30-6:00 socializing and food, 6:00-7:30 Family and School Site Council.

Fall Fundraiser

Our fall cookie dough and popcorn fundraiser began last Thursday. All orders should be in by Friday October 11.

Making Music Matters

Making music matters provided instrument lessons for 4-5th grade during school hours. Please see enrollment flyer below. Let us know if you need any assistance, including financial assistance

Family Volunteer Program

The Bates will be piloting a program to train parents and/or family members to volunteer in classrooms. Please note that this is a 1 hour minimum commitment per week. We will only be able to host a small number of volunteers as we pilot this program. Email Adam Prisby at or Rodolfo at if you are interested!

October Calendar

See our upcoming events one our October Calendar Print-out. Want to add dates to your calendar? Follow our Bates Family Google Calendar

Suggestion Box

Do you have an idea or feedback for the Bates Family Council?  Please take a moment to share it with us (anonymously, if you like!) here:

Don’t forget to follow  our instagram page and like the Phineas Bates School Parent Council Facebook page here: 

School Parent Council-

With gratitude, joy, and excitement:

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 3.28.31 PM.png

Rodolfo Morales, Principal


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