September 18 – Weekly Newsletter

Hello Bates School families,                                                       September 18th, 2017 Class is in session! As I’ve walked through the school over the last week I’ve seen students learning about new technologies, classrooms of students sharing their goals with one another, and have seen countless smiles on both students’ and adults’ faces. I also got completely soaked during theContinue reading “September 18 – Weekly Newsletter”

September 12 – Weekly Newsletter

Hello Bates School families,                                                                    September 12th, 2017 It has truly been an amazing two weeks at the Bates School. Days 1 and 2 for first through fifth grade were filled with smiles, laughter, and learning, both from students and staff. By mid-day I saw each classroom working on routines, sharing about their summers, and engaging inContinue reading “September 12 – Weekly Newsletter”