Parent Newsletter Week 3

Dear Bates School Families:                                                                              9/19/18 Thank you to all the families that joined us during our School ParentContinue reading “Parent Newsletter Week 3”


#FundOurSchools Campaign

Dear Bates Families, The Bates is one of 3 or 4 schools that will be losing City Connects next year.  Other larger schools are losing their partnership funding for it but have a large enough budget to absorb the cost. Looking at last year’s budget, BPS funded a total of $874,493 for all City Connects partnerships.  ForContinue reading “#FundOurSchools Campaign”

Note about school operations

02/16/17 Dear Families, Incidents like the one that occurred on the 14th in Parkland, Florida, remind us of the need for vigilance regarding the safety of our students and educators. I send this message to let families know that the Bates School has routines and protocols in place to promote and ensure the safety ofContinue reading “Note about school operations”